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Trot Trot alumni horses

Trot Trot

est. 2021

A 501c3 charity dedicated to retraining, adopting, and promoting Standardbreds in second careers!


Rebranding Standardbreds

Rehab and Retrain

Success requires a solid foundation. We believe the horse must be sound not only in body but also in mind, to perform its best. Whether it's a retired racehorse preparing for a second career under saddle, or a racetrack veteran rehabbing a bowed tendon before its return, we are here to get your horse in optimal condition.


We believe the Standardbred is just as good as any other breed when it comes to athletic ability and potential as riding horses. And the best way to promote our mission is by getting out there and riding--whether it's on the trails or in the show ring.


Have a racehorse retiring, or a broodmare ready to move on to a third career? No matter your standardbred's story, we are dedicated to finding retired standardbreds quality, thoroughly screened homes that not only provide quality care, but also make the horse an ambassador for its breed! 

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