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How You Can Help

Come join the team! Trot-Trot is always looking for volunteers to assist in the care, riding, and promotion of our Adoption Program horses! 

Horse Care

Horses need a lot of care, and the work never seems to end! Help of any kind is appreciated and ranges from barn chores like stalls, water buckets and tubs in the fields, cleaning fields, and tidying the barn. There's also opportunities for hands on care, like grooming horses and other tasks such as hand walking/grazing, lunging, etc.


Riding and Events

We always appreciate help from riders from various disciplines in exercising and training our horses. Volunteers wishing to ride should schedule a riding evaluation and send us a write up of their riding experience, so we can be sure to match you with suitable mounts to keep everyone happy and safe!

There are also opportunities for regular volunteer riders to ride our horses at events and shows (fees will be covered by Trot-Trot).

Videos and Photography

It's important to get quality photos and videos of our horses so that they put their best hoof forward towards attracting an adoptive home! Of course, it's a bit difficult to get these quality images when you're the one on the horse! Volunteers can use their own cameras, or just a cell phone, we're not picky!

Interested? Schedule a Visit


Thank you!

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